De Jager De Klerk Attorneys

De Jager De Klerk Attorneys focuses on providing assistance to clients who are in need of expert legal advice and action to protect and better their interests.

What I did

  • Brand identity
  • Logo design
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Responsive design
  • Contact forms
  • Google Maps integration
  • Search engine optimization

Website Features

Modern Business Design

The De Jager De Klerk Attorneys website features a dark and clean visual design based on their branding, complemented with legal imagery throughout the website.

The use of catchy headings and custom fonts serves to provide a professional but easy-to-read experience for potential clients.

Responsive Design

Potential clients looking for legal advice, whether they are on desktop or on mobile, need access to the information they want in a fast and easy manner.

The website has been optimised to show perfectly on common devices like a desktop, tablets and mobile phones.

Communication Focused

Communication is important for those who are seeking expert legal advice, so I emphasised the contact number for clients who are seeking immediate legal help.

For those that prefer email communication I implemented a contact form on the website for direct contact to the business.