Awesome free web games


I’ve put together another post filled with awesome free games you can play on the web. This is a follow up to my most addictive and fun flash games¬†post,¬† here are some more great web and flash games you can play to kill time. GeoGuessr Futilitris Cookie Clicker Candy Box 2   […]

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Disable autoplay videos


Have you encountered those annoying autoplaying advertisements, (although I highly recommend you install an ad blocker), or perhaps you don’t want videos to automatically play when you load them on YouTube? Here are some solutions to disable autoplay videos on popular browsers. Disable autoplay videos Chrome Follow these steps to disable autplay videos in Chrome: […]

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Create a separate Chrome profile for website testing


If you’re someone who uses Chrome as their primary browser for general browsing and reading the news, but also does website testing, you may have wondered how you can keep your work and your general browsing separate. Chrome has built-in functionality that lets everyone have their own personalized copies of Chrome on the same computer. […]

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Image Resizing Solutions


If you find yourself in that situation where you want to upload photos to an email or a website, you might find that the email gets way too big to send. This error is mostly caused between a combination of the images being too big and a slow internet connection, i.e. most modern high mega-pixel […]

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